Matthew Laeng

About 20 years ago, a kid picked up a video camera.  It was a JVC GR-AX400 Camcorder, one of those compact versions that used a tiny little VHS tape with an adaptor.  It was lightweight and sleek-looking, and that kid saw the world through its lens.

Hi. I’m Matthew, and that kid is me.  I spent hours upon hours with that camcorder, recording life around me, making videos and short films. Those were the first steps to an education in filmmaking, and now, a career.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned as much about myself as I’ve chronicled for others.  I’ve learned that making a successful film or commercial or video is about passion.  I’ve learned that the curiosity and creativity that led me to pick up that camcorder as a kid is what fuels my love for filmmaking.  I’ve learned that when it comes down to it, filmmaking isn’t just about recording moments.  It’s about telling stories, and I do whatever it takes to get the shot.

As an entrepreneur in my field, I’ve also learned how the business side of the industry works.  Creating videos that captivate the audience, bringing them into the story, is just the beginning.  There are a thousand other details, from creating a budget to working with collaborators to effectively communicating with all parties.  Because I know what it takes to make a finished, successful video both on paper and behind the camera, you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible service for your money. 

One of the biggest rewards for me is that I get to learn from each filmmaking experience, allowing me to approach each project with a goal to make it better than the last.  I truly love what I do. 

Look around the site to see what types of projects and films I create. Check out my equipment recommendations, watch my videos, and think about what story YOU’d like me to tell.




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