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Bellevue Police Department – At Your Service

CLIENT: Bellevue Police Department

Laeng Productions produced two 10-minute videos (English and Spanish version) for the Bellevue Police Department. They loved the video and the overall quality. 

"Thanks again for your hard work on this project." - Officer Seth Tyler

"I want to reach out again and congratulate you on a job well done. You are top of my list on any recommendations I may be asked for." - Mark Stockdale

I'm always grateful to have the opportunity to work with the Bellevue Police Department. They know the value, expertise, and consistent results I bring to every video project. 

In collaboration with the department and their resources, I was able to write the script and get all of the shots necessary to complete this project on time.  

RJ Hansen was my first assistant camera during the 3 days of filming.

Special thanks to Officer Seth Tyler for providing us everything we needed to film this project (schedule, vehicles, officers, locations, etc.). Thanks to Mark Stockdale from New Majority Consulting who provided valuable insight and guidance on making sure this video project was done the right way. For the translation, I worked closely with Kylyn from Connect Global.

With quality feedback from both Seth Tyler and Mark Stockdale, editing took me roughly 7 full days to complete (including revisions). 

"The purpose of the video is to help educate immigrants and new residents to Bellevue about the role of the Bellevue Police Department, as well as to provide information on when and how to contact the Police." (Source:

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Spanish Version

Bellevue Police Department

Client: Bellevue Police Department

Had the opportunity to work on two recruiting videos for the Bellevue Police Department. It was a great experience because the department supports filmmakers and creatives. They gave us full creative control to do what we do. It was also fun to work with them on creating the slogan "One Badge. One City. One Team". 

For those interested in applying, the Bellevue Police Department offers many opportunities, generous benefits, good salary, and in my opinion, some of the best support and training out there. If you're interested, I posted the link below to apply.

Apply today:

Learn more about BPD:

Video by: Matthew Laeng, Note Suwanchote, and Jeremiah Kaynor.

Produced by: Seth Tyler

2015 Bellevue Police Department Video HD